Really Good Reasons To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

“Should we brush our cat’s/dog’s teeth?”
teeth dogsYES is the answer!

  Here are a few good reasons…
  • Statistics show that a large number of cats and dogs suffer from dental decay.
  • Unlike humans, pets cannot communicate their dental pain….and many of us know how miserable dental pain can be!
  • If the plaque that builds on your pet’s teeth isn’t removed in the first 24-36 hours it can harden into tartar and this can lead to decay…..a good reason to brush your pet’s teeth every day!
It is wiser to start brushing your pet’s teeth when they are young but it is a good habit to develop even if the animal is a little older. Introduce brushing gradually, let your pet lick a little pet-friendly toothpaste off your finger and work your way up to brushing on a daily basis if possible.
There are lots of pet toothbrushes and toothpaste available  and usually very reasonably priced . We will research what we feel are the best and get back to you.