Planning for the arrival of a new puppy and update No.1

 IMG_0827So the decision has been made after going backwards and forwards deciding whether it was the right thing to do for us and most importantly for our gorgeous 2 year old King Charles Cavalier, Paddy.
puppy 2 weeks
Yes! found out today that his birthday is April 21st, same as Paddy’s. It’s meant to be. The new little one will be joining us for an urban London life and will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great dog walks in Hackney and surrounding areas. Of course, he will make friends with the Reservoir Dogs London Daycare crowd and frequent the great dog friendly pubs in and around London. He’s only about 3 weeks in this photo but today’s update is below.
June 13th -8 weeks and looking so sweet, just like Paddy! So the homecoming will not be for another 5 weeks but the all important plans are underway. Watch this space!


Good news-vet checked all positive and microchipped! We thought it would be worth adding this fact sheet from the RSPCA on microchipping which has been a legal requirement since April 2016! Please make sure that your dogs have one.
MicrochippingQA #chipncheck
Still not sure of a name! Any suggestions please email us on
Nearly 8 weeks_June 13 2016


Update-26th June 2016

Visited the puppy and name decided. Thank you for all of your suggestion. Ralf we be coming home to Reservoir Dogs London on June 25th and will live with our family including the adorable Paddy who is now 2 years old. So here is Ralf yesterday at 9 weeks old! So by the time he comes home what will be set up?   
About time we had an update on the puppy! 

So Ralf has now reached the age of 6th months and is a bundle of fun. He is a cheeky puppy that loves life and is full of confidence. He loves running, playing with Paddy, his 2.5 year old